Sandridge School – a new era in education

Sandridge is a new kind of school with a mission to educate kids based on ethical citizenship and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sandridge is brought to life through use of community facilities and people. Through our ‘Activators Program’ of ‘Actioned Learning’ and ‘Porous Schooling’, learning is enhanced by accessing ‘on demand experts’ from the local community who activate learning for the students through their real-world context. Learning is also enhanced through the creation of virtuous loops that are created through a community connections platform. Characterised by incubation of ideas that can be iterated, trialled and actioned; Sandridge is learning orientated, not results driven. Our curriculum equips our students with the skills they need to create positive change in this world.

The school is entrepreneurial in creation and in practice: founded by teachers who are innovators in the curriculum and pedagogy space; risk taking; creative; action and delivery focused. Students are shaped into learners through language of growth and goals.

Sandridge is a school defined by education that shapes the professional, personal, social and community life of the students and the teachers.

Typically in schools, students are asked what they want to be when they grow up. At Sandridge, we ask them ‘what do you want to create? What do you want to contribute to community?


School Values:

  • Ethical Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Secularism
  • Positive Social Impact
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation

Signature attributes:

  • A mid-fee, secular, independent school with a central focus on global community understanding and ethical citizenship
  • A school founded by the teaching community
  • A different approach to teaching: teacher researchers and in-house teacher training
  • Community interaction immersed in the curriculum
  • An incubator that will enable students to pursue entrepreneurial ideas that solve issues facing the world

Summary statement about the school

Sandridge School is committed to being a positive social force, not just for the local community, but for broader Australian society. Sandridge students will integrate academic excellence with a deep sense of purpose and commitment to their community, in turn creating an institution that will make the world a better place.

Our vision: a new era in education


Motto: ‘no person is an island’

Sandridge School is …

  • An incubator that will develop students who are entrepreneurial, creative and resilient
  • A mid-fee, secular, independent school with a central focus on global community understanding and ethical citizenship
  • A school founded by the experts in the field of education … teachers
  • A different approach to teaching, with teacher researchers and specialised teacher training
  • Community interaction immersed in the curriculum, through collaboration with the not-for-profit sector and industry

What will you experience at Sandridge School?

  • Our aim is to produce an intentionally academic school that is committed to citizenship, communal engagement and positive relationships
  • As a secular school, Sandridge embraces the concepts of equity and justice, welcoming diversity in an inclusive environment
  • The School measures its success by the calibre of the shared learning journey for both teachers and students, and ultimately, by the contribution its students make to society over their working lives
  • Sandridge School is a school ‘of and for community’
  • Our prime focus is to empower young people to connect with the world they live in and take control of their own destiny to become capable drivers in society

Sandridge School is defined by:

  • A new way of doing schooling
  • A new way of teaching
  • A new way of learning