Education Philosophy

education philosophyAt Sandridge School, we are working to establish a new paradigm for schooling that is …

diverse, inclusive, accessible, connected and purposefully committed to generating the citizens of the future.

We believe that learning is a journey, engaged in through relationships. These relationships are fundamental to the nature and success of the education experience for students and the professional nourishment for teachers.

If education is about growing people, then schooling must be shaped by the imperatives of fostering the mind, the consciousness and the heart.

Vision: A school where our world is the classroom

If the primary objective of schooling is to facilitate the intellectual, social and emotional growth of young people and provide pathways for these young people to develop into pro-active citizens who will shape future society on the basis of the way they have been educated, then the curriculum must be intimately connected to community and centred around real experience

  • in this way, the student develops a sense of real purposefulness in their education – to become full realised members of society.

The intellectual development of the student is fundamental and the pedagogical and curriculum frameworks of Sandridge School are geared towards such development.

  • A student’s emotional and social wellbeing is central to their capacity to learn and also to their capacity to fully develop as a person.
  • Positive Psychology theory, therefore, is incorporated into the curriculum in ways that are designed to build resilience, flexibility and provide a sense of belonging and purpose.
  • Sandridge School is characterised as a space that enables young people to grow fully as human beings.

All children are born with the potential to make a meaningful contribution to humanity and to, thereby live richly and fully. At Sandridge School, teachers of intellectual curiosity, compassion and integrity have the primary responsibility and privilege of courageously inspiring and nurturing all children as, together, they take part in one of the most challenging and important of journeys – their intellectual, social and emotional education.

Motto: “No person is an island”

et non est in insula

We are only as good as the sum of our parts. We are communal and social beings. Self-actualised people have the capacity to thrive in private, professional and community relationships that foster the society as a whole. The world is a better place if individuals are fully realised.

The motto of our school encapsulates our school climate. ‘No person is an island’.

  • As positive travellers on this journey called life, we will work collaboratively within the school and with the wider community to pursue learning excellence, to develop a growth mindset and to champion social prosperity.
  • Our school climate brings to life that increasingly articulated yearning for emotional connection to the world we live in, to feel purposeful as people on our planet.

Sandridge School is ‘of and for’ the community.

  • As a porous school, our students will spill outside the school gates; working with service not-for-profit organisations and industry groups; whilst also utilising local facilities, so as to learn the function and value of community.
  • The community will spill in, via these porous systems, to enhance these relationships and also their connection to the School, enabling them to feel part of it.
  • Internally, this relational environment will be experienced through the learning studio … a fluid space that fosters teacher and student partnerships.


The primary objective of Sandridge School is to facilitate the intellectual, social and emotional growth of young people and provide pathways for these young people to develop into pro-active citizens who will shape future society on the basis of the way they have been educated.

But our school is not just for the students. Teachers are a central part of our school community too. Sandridge School is committed to creating a dynamic environment that fosters great teaching and nourishes professional development, so that our teachers thrive as educators and practice exceptional teaching.

Core Values:

  • Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity
  • Community Connectedness
  • Human rights
  • Compassion

Leadership at Sandridge School

At Sandridge School, we believe that education is human centred and so relationships are critical for our school to prosper. Leadership is central to the formational nature of those relationships. Our leadership culture is transformational, distributed and collaborative, based around open dialogue. Education is fundamentally about growing people to be citizens, so our school leaders will foster a school culture that promotes critical and community orientated thinking.

As ‘artistic engineers’, the leadership team will create vision, collaborate on vision and have effective systems in place to fully realise vision.

School Climate

Education is a human endeavour. Education, at its best, is communal. Personalisation, democracy and equity, citizenship and human rights, intellectual pursuit and excellence are the benchmarks of a school climate that grows people. Sandridge School is an egalitarian community that values the teaching and learning in partnership. As an essential element of community growth, Sandridge School is an active and collaborative part of the community that it seeks to grow.

Being a student at Sandridge School

Education is about enabling, not instructing. At Sandridge School, we believe that children have within them the capacity to make an exgratia contribution to the world. On this basis, we seek to develop enlightened global citizenship amongst our student body. A dynamic curriculum that fosters intrinsic motivation and creativity is designed to unleash the tangible capacity of every child to be an innovator. We understand the developmental needs and growth of students, acknowledge individual differences and allow for different pathways and pace of learning.

Teaching at Sandridge School

We believe that school is a place for teaching as well as learning. We aim to create a dynamic environment that nourishes teachers and fosters great teaching. Like our students, we recognise that our teachers’ social and emotional wellbeing is also central to them being thriving educators. Thriving teachers are thriving educators. We support our teachers to grow themselves professionally, fostering a culture of learning that is for all members of the community, not just for the students. Expert teachers will not only mentor students in learning, but also mentor training teachers and prepare them to enter the profession with a deep understanding of the social, emotional and intellectual elements of education.

Sandridge School is characterised by:

  • Personalisation, democracy and equity, citizenship and human rights, intellectual pursuit and excellence.
  • An egalitarian community, where students are valued workers and teachers are valued mentors in the learning partnership.
  • Ideally modelling democratic and equitable practices, Sandridge School fosters behaviour that students will take forward as citizens in the wider community, thereby promoting better society.
  • The school will be connected to the community at regional, national and global level; however, its emphasis will be on a local relationship with community, reflecting the needs of each individual community.
  • A coalition/collaborative relationship between students and teachers, between students, between teachers and between the school and the community will form the basis of the school.
  • An incubator that will develop students who are entrepreneurial, creative and resilient.
  • A school founded by the experts in the field of education … teachers.
  • A different approach to teaching, with teacher researchers and specialised teacher training.
  • Community interaction immersed in the curriculum, through collaboration with the not-for-profit sector and industry.