School History

Sandridge School: The Story So Far …

In 2014 the School’s Founders Dr Jeanne Shaw and Sophie Fenton questioned why lawyers start law firms, why doctors start medical practices, yet schools are not started by teachers.

They asked…

What happens when a school is imagined, built and run by teachers?

The result is the founding of the Sandridge School …

The proposed Sandridge School is an exciting new independent, co-educational school planned to open in 2016.

Sandridge will provide education to children and young people that fosters transformative citizenship and heart-centred learning as:

  • a secular independent school with a central focus around global community understanding and ethical citizenship
  • a different approach to teaching with teacher researchers and in-house teacher training
  • with community engagement immersed in the curriculum.

Sandridge will be truly independent.  Liberated from the constraints of traditional settings, Sandridge will be inclusive, connected and committed to generating citizens who will have a positive impact on the world.