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Sandridge School is a TOPP School

Travels of Positive People’ …

At a TOPP School, you embark on a way of learning that will shape your whole life.

TOPP Schools will take you on a journey that will transform you. During a student’s liminal stage, they ‘stand at the threshold’ between their previous way of structuring their identity, time or community, and a new way, which is shaped by the learning they experience at school.

The journey of learning is, therefore, pivotal in shaping where you will go in life …

so it matters where you have been, how you got there and who you have travelled with

At TOPP Schools, we understand that education is about enabling, not instructing. Education is a human endeavour. Education, at its best, is communal.

Teaching is never a solo effort – it is a dance between two partners. We invite our students to engage with the world they live in – critically and emotionally. We ask them to step outside their comfort zone, to take risks and learn from failure, be curious and challenge conventional wisdom.

Our staff strive to create the very best teaching and learning environment for their students but also for themselves as teachers, as they work with their students as holistic ‘educational partners’.

TOPP Schools are a community of teaching and learning that matters, that is relevant, that entices. Where education fosters social consciousness and communal values, students leave school as agents of social reform and progress who question the status quo and seek to make the world a better place.

Ask yourself …

After travelling on your learning journey, what kind of person do you want to be?

A defining feature of TOPP Schools is their emphasis on ‘the heart’. We believe that if you develop care in students, then they will become caring adults who will foster a caring world. Our educational philosophy based on the heart is one committed to creating a human-centered school environment that fosters the growth of teachers, who foster the growth of students, who become the citizens that will foster the community as a whole.

The fundamental essence of humaneness that we humans are driven not only by self-interest but also by our emotions, values and beliefs. The ‘heartbeat’ can be likened to a soul. Incorporating this soul is what creates a life force in a school that generates intrinsic motivation for teaching and learning.

We learn best from those we love ~ Goethe ~

At TOPP School, the journey of learning is scaffolded and secure but not confining, it is deeply connected to community but fosters the individual. It enables students to take off and fly.

TOPP Schools are defined by a travelling partnership between students and teachers 

  • Education is a journey between two partners (teacher and student), based on trust, respect and shared conversation.

Teachers, as ‘societal elders’, mentor and guide young people during their liminal stage to equip them to navigate the world:

  • To engage critically and emotionally
  • To understand social systems
  • To step outside their comfort zone
  • To take risks and learn from failure
  • To be curious and challenge conventional wisdom

TOPP School Pedagogy

  • ‘Visible Learning’ teaching practices and ‘Visible Thinking’ tools for the basis for a scaffolded educational pathway that guides students through the learning process in a clear way.
  • A key feature of the Sandridge School curriculum is challenging students and enabling them to work out how to resolve issues, so that they are equipped to deal with the dynamism that is the 21st
  • The pedagogical culture is experiential and embedded in community in a way that enables students to put ideas into action.
  • Sandridge School pedagogy is shaped by ‘problem posing education’.
  • Students and teachers bring knowledge and skills into the classroom and work as co educators.
  • At Sandridge School, the teacher will work with the students as a mentor and coach in the learning process.

TOPP Schools are an authentic part of Community – a sense of Place.

  • TOPP Schools seek to be in and of community.
  • They belong to and are part of the community they are situated in.
  • A Public space or forum is central to the community being of the school.