Why Choose Sandridge

The Sandridge School is unique.  It is a school founded by educators.  It is different.  It is exciting.

Sandridge is a secular independent school with a central focus around global community understanding and ethical citizenship.  As a secular school, Sandridge embraces the concepts of equity of access and justice, genuinely and consistently welcoming diversity in an inclusive environment.  We welcome children and families from all backgrounds.

Sandridge will be an incubator for innovation and social impact for students and teachers.  The School will incorporate a program that enables students to create their own businesses or social ventures.  Pathways will be encouraged that drive innovation, confidence & entrepreneurship whatever the age of a young person.

Sandridge School philosophy is based on an innovative education narrative.

Recent understanding about education says that schooling needs to equip students to be entrepreneurial, resilient and creative.

Sandridge School – The Incubator:

Sandridge School is defined by a new creative makerspace …

  • untapped talents of every student will be strategically nurtured to enable them to think compassionately, creatively and entrepreneurially about the challenges and opportunities that the world presents.

In this way, Sandridge School will act as an incubator for the minds and hearts of our students in a way that develops them into citizens who are informed about and are equipped to engage with the future in a transformational way.

A new way of doing schooling

The Incubator: Urban and Connected Schooling

Urban, modern, innovative, entrepreneurial, actively engaged with society, utilising local world-class facilities.

Sandridge School:
  • fosters academic and societal learning in students and nourishes teachers as professionals.
  • shapes a worldview that is compassionate, connected and positive.
  • equips students to be entrepreneurial, resilient and creative change agents.
  • inspires students to recognize and embrace work opportunities and to plan for successful futures as good citizens.

Students at Sandridge will be actively engaged in putting their strengths to work, through entrepreneurial undertakings for the betterment of themselves, their community and the world at large.

An independent school

By independent, we mean “truly” independent. Liberated from the constraints of traditional settings, Sandridge will be inclusive, connected and committed to generating citizens who will have a positive impact on the world.
The school will be independent of existing systems that shape the way that education is delivered and experienced in both the contemporary independent and government school systems. It will have no religious affiliation, being one of the only independent schools in Australia that can offer an education that is independent of any particular religious perspective.

Community Connected Schooling – our philosophy on Sport:

At Sandridge, we will have a varied and engaging sporting program as part of our Health and Wellbeing learning. However, in recognising the value of local community, our students will not be drawn away from their local sporting teams as part of a compulsory school sports program. There will be no after school or Saturday sport requirements. Instead, we believe that being part of a local sports club is important: it provides students with an alternative social group that provides different voices and an alternate social circle; it invests students in local community; it connects them; it enables their family to stay connected to the local community also.