Becoming a Sandridge Student

Thank you for your interest in Sandridge School.

Opened in 2016, Sandridge School is an innovative, urban secular independent school. Teacher created, with a focus on social impact and enterprise, Sandridge School is a school ‘of and for’ community.

Our students will not be placed in a ‘holding pattern’,  practicing for when they leave school. Instead, they will be respected for their incredible capacity to think and see and be in the world right here and now. On a foundation of ethical citizenship, we will empower them to realise their entrepreneurial potential and skill them up to become the social impact change agents they already promise to be.

Sandridge Junior School takes students from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6.

Sandridge Senior School will be opening up in 2018 (*subject to VRQA Registration of the Secondary School). The School will eventually offer places from Prep to Year 12.


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