Sandridge School Wardrobe

At Sandridge School, we value a sense of community and connectedness, so our students will wear a common range of clothing. However, we also value a student’s individuality and sense of self, so our students will be able to select from a range of pieces to mix and match and create their own look.

It is with this philosophy that we introduce the ‘Sandridge School Wardrobe’ …

Senior School


  • Fawn chinos and shorts
  • White shirt with navy/crimson stripe tie
    or white or navy polo shirt
  • Navy jumper or vest
  • Navy suit jacket
  • Black shoes or RM type boots


  • Navy cropped jacket
  • White blouse
  • Navy or crimson polo shirt
  • Fawn skirt or Chinos
  • Crimson jumper
  • Crimson neck scarf or pashmina scarf
  • Long white socks
  • Black shoes or boots


Navy track suit and white polo shirt

Junior School


  • Crimson, white or navy polo
  • Fawn pants or shorts
  • Navy jumper


  • White blouse
  • Crimson or navy polo
  • Fawn skirt, skort or pants
  • Navy jumper


Navy track suit and crimson polo shirt