Secondary School

Sandridge School @ The Younghusband Woolstores

kensingtonJust 12 months after launching the ground-breaking Sandridge School junior campus in Williamstown, we are very excited to now announce our sensational secondary school campus in the inner north-west suburb of Kensington.

This campus will open in 2019* In 2018, our Year 7 program will commence in Williamstown.

Once completed, our secondary campus will be located in the iconic Younghusband Woolstores – a series of heritage-protected warehouse buildings constructed in the early 19th century. The character, history and community spirit associated with “The Younghusband”, presents an incredible opportunity to now realise the vision for Sandridge School on a grand scale.

* depending on rezoning and planning approval.

The Kensington Senior Campus offers a unique schooling experience:

  • As part of a collective of start-ups, not-for-profits, EdTechs, creatives and artisans; our students will be immersed in the world of their futures here and now
  • Through its unique integrated environment, the Kensington campus directly connects our students with those who are doing, creating, designing, testing and actioning the learning that our students are exploring…
  • Via the ‘activator program’, our students can experience learning through the lens of real world practice, receiving real world feedback and seeing real world relevance to learning

Schooling is not a practice for the real thing …
it is an internship for entrepreneurial thinkers and social impact change agents in the here and now.


The location of The Younghusband in Kensington, means it is extremely accessible to the inner west of Melbourne – within easy walking distance of 3 main train stations. In fact, a student catching the train from Williamstown Beach Station will be at school in under 30 minutes (including walk).

mapWalking times:

  • 8 min walk from Sth Kensington Station
  • 4 min walk from Kensington Station
  • 5 min walk from Macauley Station

As we searched across the inner west of Melbourne, The Younghusband became particularly attractive for many reasons:

  • First, zoning restrictions, particularly in the area between Newport and Footscray down to the Bay, rules out a huge portion of land or sites that would otherwise have been suitable.
  • Where zoning does allow schools; competition with property developers, distance from public transport, unwilling property owners, cost to build or time required for the build ruled out many opportunities.
  • As a heritage listed building, The Younghusband is protected from property development. This has allowed its managers to curate an incredible community of artisans, designers, creatives and other innovators that have an amazing alignment with the entrepreneurial, community focus of the Sandridge School vision.
  • Upon meeting this community, and realising the building’s accessibility to the inner west, we realised this building could provide a platform for innovative education that no other site we had explored could possibly match.
  • Finally, The Younghusband became a practical possibility as we formed our new partnership with Impact Investment Group (IIG), who have now agreed to acquire the site. This partnership gives us the ability to renovate and prepare the site in time for secondary school commencement in 2018.


The Facts:

Size: Sandridge will occupy a portion of the overall Younghusband site large enough to allow for a secondary school cohort of about 600 students. We are currently exploring options with IIG for the optimal space within the site for our school to be located. We will announce details of the specific location within the site once this has been decided.
Intake: Commencing with Years 7 and 8, up to 100 students per year level. Additional years added each year until a full Year 7-12 school is operating by 2022.
Open-Space: We have commenced discussions with City of Melbourne to access JJ Holland Park, located next to Sth Kensington Station (8 min walk from the school).
Trains: Besides Sth Kensington station, The Younghusband is also easily accessible to the Craigieburn train line (Kensington Station) and the Upfield train line (Macauley Station).
Co-Tenants: The amazing opportunity that is unique to The Younghusband is the existing community that already works from the site and who will remain. Kensington Collective is one of the main tenants (see but there are many others that we hope will actively collaborate with our school and our students as we evolve. And as IIG further invests in development of the site, we believe it will become an incubator of creativity, entrepreneurialism and social impact of which Sandridge students will be a critical component.

This video link gives you a sense of the kinds of activators that our students will be surrounded by, through the celebration of the Kensington Collective Community at Younghusband.

A New Kind of School – A New Kind of Campus

In partnership with Impact Investment Group, Sandridge is embarking upon a significant innovation in education with the development of a Porous School:

  • Our students will spill outside their learning studios; interacting and collaborating with the values driven and inspired futuremaker tenants that are resident across the site.

This is true innovation in education. A collaborative partnership for positive social impact:

  • This interconnected dynamic space will allow our students to undertake experiential learning in a realistic and practical sense with innovators, commercial enterprises and social entrepreneurs (through our ‘activators’) at a whole new level. As with all activators in our Junior School, this interaction with activators will always be conducted in a highly supervised way.

kensington collective

A partnership based on shared ideals

A collaborative hub, such as the Younghusband at Kensington, facilitates the intellectual, social and creative growth of those individuals that that will nourish the future community. Impact Investment Group, as the new owner, sees Sandridge as a vital component of realising this vision.

IIG-logoIIG will be a highly active and collaborative landlord with Sandridge School. A leading Australian impact investment funds manager that is 50% owned by Small Giants, IIG source and develop investments that generate social and environmental value throughout the investment’s life. Their mission is to ‘blend financial investment and strong returns with deep social and environmental impact’.

This mission is driven by their philosophy that ‘investing without considering social and environmental impact is unsustainable’. IIG argue that ‘economies cannot thrive if the resources essential to their growth – vital communities and a living environment – are treated as externalities.’ younghusband-bw

IIG has over $400 million in funds under management and are growing every day. This strength combines with their high level of values alignment with Sandridge to make them an ideal partner.


Next Steps…

Although we are now able to announce our plans for the Younghusband, significant work remains in order to open by 2019. Although we have conducted significant due diligence already, we now need to commence the formal process to obtain approval and registration of the campus to enable commencement in 2019.


Year 7 will commence in Williamstown at a purpose-built site in Syme St. Please contact the School for more details.


June 2016 Council discussions (City of Melbourne) and Planning applications begin.
March – May 2017 Community consultation process

Design phase begins for Senior Campus learning spaces: Tender/concept refinement

April 2017 2018 Enrolments confirmed for existing parents.

2018 Enrolments open to waiting list for remaining places.

May 2017 2018 Enrolments open to public for remaining places, if available.

Submission to VRQA for approval of campus expansion of Sandridge School.

June 2017 2018 Year 7 places offered and confirmed
October 2017 Final design plans for Kensington in coordination with IIG site development.
November 2017 Orientation Days

IIG to commence works on building refurbishment at Kensington.

January 2018 Year 7 begins in Williamstown at a purpose-built site in Syme St.
July 2018 Sandridge School fit-out build begins
January 2019 Sandridge School Senior Campus in Kensington opens.