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The Incubator: Citizenship

Citizenship is at the heart of our school … and ‘no person is an island’ is our school motto.

As positive travellers on this journey called life, the teachers and students will work collaboratively within the school and with the wider community to pursue learning excellence, to develop a growth mindset and to champion social prosperity.

Sandridge is a school without rows of desks and chairs, made up of studios and spaces that enhance the learning opportunities, without gates.

A school that is a force for social good

A key goal of Sandridge School is to produce compassionate, effective, innovative and active citizens.

Students work in a realistic and practical sense with not-for-profit organisations and industry to bring learning to life in a real context

  • grappling with challenges
  • working in partnership with multiple agencies
  • engaging in genuine projects as part of the curriculum structure, rather than as an addition.

Through our curriculum, we connect our students directly with the not-for-profit and industry sector.

  • As a way of effectively educating kids about growing community through collaboration and entrepreneurship, we are replacing the traditional community service model of fundraising and the traditional work experience model with a curriculum embedded community engagement program.

To do that, Sandridge will incorporate ‘activators’ from industry and NGO sectors inside curriculum along with utilising local facilities to gel our students with community so that they become the community builders of the future.

Activator Partnerships

In order to achieve this, we are working with key ‘activators’ who have an ongoing and physical presence in the school and as part of the curriculum:

  • Collective Campus
    • will have a tangible presence within our school community, working with our students to explore and develop their own entrepreneurial ideas, and then grinding through the stages of entrepreneurialism from idea to market.
  • The Foundation for Young Australians
    • will have a tangible presence within our school curriculum, developing an ongoing and practical ‘world of work’ curriculum that replaces ‘work experience’.
  • The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
    • Will formally partner with the school to train teachers in entrepreneurship, to facilitate connections to industry and to co-develop an entrepreneurial curriculum.
  • David Manne:
    • will serve as a guide in the development of our curriculum, bringing the world of human rights into the school curriculum.
  • Oaktree, AYCC, Cool Australia and UN Youth
    • to incorporate genuine and ongoing community service projects into school curriculum.