Meet our Educators

Sophie Fenton: Sandridge School Founding Educator and PrincipalIMG_5340

NEiTA ASG Australian Teacher of the Year, 2013.

NEiTA ASG National Award for Excellence in Innovation, 2012.

Monash University Distinguished Alumni for Education 2016

MEd (School Leadership) and MA (Int Politics), Monash // BA (Hons), LTU // Dip Ed. (Secondary), ACU

As a co-founder of Sandridge School, Sophie’s philosophy on education has a central influence on the educational environment of the school. For her, education is about facilitating growth … growth of students to develop into erudite citizens and growth of teachers to enhance their craft. Education is about enabling, not instructing. When it comes to the aim of schooling, Sophie has a firm belief that we are educating young people to become pro-active members of the community that are deliberate and positive contributors in the world. Education is a human endeavour which, at its best, is communal. Sophie has been the driver behind the development of the innovative Teaching and Learning program at Sandridge School in its founding year.

More about Sophie

Prior to founding Sandridge School, Sophie was Chair of Faculty, Humanities and Head of Teaching and Learning at Ballarat Grammar. Whilst she was a specialist VCE teacher in History and International Politics, Sophie also developed curriculum for Year 7 to 10 students. Her focus was always to create a dynamic and experiential curriculum that allowed students to connect to learning and know the purpose of their learning. As a classroom teacher, she always invited her students to engage with the world they live in – critically and emotionally. She asked them to step outside their comfort zone, to take risks and learn from failure, be curious and challenge conventional wisdom. In her role as a developer of teaching practice, Sophie invited the staff to see themselves as striving professionals who practice a complex craft. She guided them to teach creatively and responsively to the moment. Sophie brings this educational mindset to her leadership role in the shaping of teaching and learning as a Co-Founder of Sandridge School.

Sophie’s exceptional capacity as a teacher was recognised with the NEiTA ASG Australian Teacher of the Year Award in 2013. For her work in education, Sophie was awarded the Distinguished Alumni for education by Monash University in 2016. Setting the stage for teaching at Sandridge School, Sophie sees a ‘great’ teacher as one who is open minded, resilient, creative, flexible and sees opportunities in challenges. They see themselves as learners. Great teachers have a capacity to form educational relationships based around mutual respect and shared inquiry with colleagues and students. Sophie understands that bringing passion for the subject into the classroom is intoxicating – the students can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. But to get lost in the passion and find flow, they must feel confident in the teacher’s capacity to teach them. When these two elements are combined in a classroom, it becomes a powerful space of educational development. Teachers, at their best, are powerful agents of change – they facilitate the growth of young people and provide pathways for these young people to develop into pro-active citizens who will shape future society in compassionate, innovate and progressive ways.

Great teaching is understanding that education is about growing people through real world learning in a questioning environment. Sophie always taught in a highly experiential way and created classroom environments based on a strong relationship between teacher and student. In this way, she created a space that allowed students to thrive in a really challenging educational space. Sophie knows that the best teaching happens when teachers unsettle their students just enough to get them out of their haze and then provide the learning space for them to find meaning in a way that re-settles them. But this unsettling can only happen when the students feel safe and inspired. On this basis, one of the fundamental teaching practices at Sandridge School will be to teach our students about taking risks and learning from failure. The teachers will challenge them … make their classroom a place of questing … and make the learning culture irresistible! An educational environment that is irresistible creates the best possible opportunity for learning to take place.

Amanda Tawhai: Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning.

BTeach (Primary), Uni WollongongIMG_5461

Amanda has been central to the development of the innovative Teaching and Learning program at Sandridge School in its founding year 2016. In her fifteen years of education, Amanda has worked across Australia, in New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory. She has worked with students from Prep through to grade six, and has lead many teams of teachers across the year levels. Amanda has a keen interest in continually pursuing what best practice looks like in education and is an avid reader of education publications. She uses her own love of learning, and passion for social change, to inspire and shape the learners in her care.

More about Amanda

Amanda has developed a strong belief that meaningful and motivating teaching and learning must be authentically connected to everyday life. She beliefs that in order to create this kind of educational environment, learners must be given the skills and strategies necessary to connect with both their local and global communities. A defining moment in Amanda’s career was a number of years back when she read a book entitled ‘World Class Learners – Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students’. The ideas in this book so powerfully resinated with Amanda, that she endeavoured to shape her own practice around them. In essence, she became more and more convinced that education can no longer solely be about enabling students to achieve great results, in order to get great jobs. Instead, students must be given the skills and strategies to create and make positive change in the world, to be entrepreneurs that can think for themselves and influence change according to their passions and beliefs. One of Amanda’s favourite educational quotes, that came from her implementation of the Challenged Based Learning program, was that we must encourage students to ‘think globally, and act locally’.

Amanda is extremely passionate about social justice, and believes that high quality education must be available to all children. Her early years in education were spent in an urban Aboriginal community. It was here that she developed great compassion, empathy and respect for Australia’s Indigenous people. In recent years she left the comfort of her life in Melbourne to work in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. Within this context, she used her skills as the Curriculum Coordinator, to assist teachers in delivering high quality education. Amanda also travelled through South East Asia, connecting with inspirational social entrepreneurs who were committed to creating a better world for others. Her longstanding support of Hagar International led her to connect with workers in Cambodia who have dedicated their lives to working with abused women. Her desire is for students to be aware of what is happening in the world around them, to be able to identify problems and to work with others to provide solutions.

Amanda has spent many years working in an inner city Melbourne Primary School, and it was within this context that she developed educational leader skills. Amanda had the privilege of working alongside, and leading, many different teams of teachers that have faced the challenge of having to reshape and increase the overall success of school communities.

It is this mix of an innate sense of purposeful real world learning, learning for positive social impact and exceptional leadership in education innovation that makes Amanda a powerful part of the foundation team of educators at Sandridge School. Her education philosophy and world view are fundamentals in Amanda playing a central role in the shaping and fostering of this new kind of school.

Julia Hargrave: Sandridge School Prep EducatorScreen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.50.40 AM

BEd. (Primary), Uni of Wales

Julia qualified in 1994 with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Wales in the UK. She specialised in early primary education and has since taught throughout the primary age range; prep to year six. Julia has worked in the UK, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. She has been head of year, leading teams of teachers and classroom assistants from Year 3 to Year 5 in a highly acclaimed international school in Abu Dhabi.

Teaching in International schools with teams of diverse and dynamic teachers has given Julia the experience and expertise to use a range of teaching styles and strategies. She believes in equal opportunities, where cultural diversity is valued and where children feel secure and proud of their accomplishments and achievements. 

More about Julia

Julia aims to provide children with the opportunity to be happy, confident, enquiring and interested in school and to be enthusiastic and excited about the challenges they encounter both in school and at home. Her classroom is a stimulating and carefully structured environment, which initiates the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills, concepts and positive attitudes.

Her particular strengths are her interaction with the children and ability to capture and maintain their interest. She strives to develop intrinsic learning. The children are encouraged to become independent thinkers by making their own decisions at many stages throughout the school day.  She develops confidence and self-esteem in each individual child. Julia teaches by the motto “I believe in my pupils and therefore they believe in themselves.” She encourages all children to respect others and care for the environment.

Julia has enjoyed the last 18 years living in the Middle East, she has travelled to many exciting countries and met wonderful people. She now calls Australia home and has found deep professional satisfaction as a part of the Sandridge family, where she can motivate and inspire young minds.

Kim Staples: Sandridge School Prep Educator

KimBEd. (Primary), Uni of Canberra

Kim is a passionate and enthusiastic educator who believes in fostering a lifelong love of learning within all of her students. She has been working in education for the past eight years, and during this time has taught at a range of primary schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart. Kim has worked with students of all ages but has spent most of her career teaching Prep, Year 5 and Year 6. She is currently studying a Master of Education and is particularly interested in the effective use of ICT in education.

More about Kim

Through her recent role as a Learning and Teaching Leader in Contemporary Practice, Kim has developed a strong belief that learning must be meaningful to students and related to their interests and experiences in the real world. This is a quality that connects deeply with what it is to be a Sandridge educator. She endeavours to engage and motivate students through an authentic approach to learning that is personalised and connected to the wider community. Kim is passionate about building a challenging, supportive and fun learning environment with her students, that promotes innovation, creativity and independence. She acknowledges and values the diverse strengths and interests that each child brings to the classroom. Her hope is that all of her students will follow their passions and grow into active citizens with a strong sense of social justice and compassion towards others.

Drawing extensively on her years of dance training, Kim has also been able to provide numerous opportunities to many of her students in the performing arts domain. In particular, she has contributed significantly to a number of school successes in nationally recognised performance events.

Oliver Harris: Sandridge School Year 1 Educator

Grad Dip (Primary), RMIT // BSc. Business Information Technology, Bournemouth University, UK// RMIT Industry Mentor

Oliver’s philosophy for teaching and learning is based on one of many inspiring quotes he has read, by Albert Einstein. 

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

Oliver began his teaching career after graduating from RMIT with a Graduate Diploma in 2012. Before this, he had worked for several years in the marketing industry in London and Melbourne as an executive managing creative campaigns.

More about Oliver

Oliver’s teaching career has seen him work in various schools across the Western suburbs, most recently teaching at Footscray City Primary School. Through this professional experience, he has developed significant skill level in the teaching of core skills and using a wide variety of teaching and assessing strategies. 

Prior to working in a mainstream primary school setting, Oliver worked as a teacher at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Education Institute. It was here that he truly developed the kinds of skills that will make him an incredible asset tot he Sandridge school community. Being able to harness the Arts to help engage student learning allowed Oliver to be very imaginative in ways to spark student curiosity. With this in mind, Oliver challenged students to develop a campaign to encourage Melburnians to help the environment by changing their behavior, in some small way. Their campaign was so powerful and motivating, that a media agency agreed to donate three giant advertising boards to host their posters. Oliver says that watching his students’ faces when they saw their work on Flemington Road will be forever in his mind!

Oliver says that working with students who had a strong passion for learning despite their situation was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of teaching. For him, engaging students and igniting their passion for learning is one of the reason he loves teaching. And Sandridge is a place where he can truly realise his reason for being as an educator!

Michael Cosmano: Sandridge School Year 2 Educator 

MEd (School Leadership – Numeracy), Monash // BEd. (Primary), Uni Melb

In his eighteen years as an educator, Michael has worked in schools across Melbourne, UK and Japan. He has worked with students from Foundation through to Grade six, and lead curriculum and teams in various leadership roles. Michael believes educators set a climate underpinned by values that will shape the future and model this by the example they set to their students and the community they are part of. They create and environment that unlocks the potential within students to be empowered citizens and shapers of their current and future communities. They create thinkers who understand the impact decisions they make have on themselves and others and seek opportunities to make the world a better place.

More about Michael

For Michael, the world is potentially a better place for the presence of each of us. He believes that we must find the capacity to love and be loved, to exercise our right to be understood but to first take the responsibility to understand others. We must find our confidence and strength to take on life through a strong sense of our own self-worth and believe in the potential worth of others. Michael argues that if we are to create a worthwhile future society we must bring this belief into every microcosm of it, including our schools and learning spaces. Our learning experience must be driven by the common purpose to build citizens who are rewarded by the sense of their worth through reflecting on the value and purpose of their contribution to others and themselves through their endeavours.

Michael believes that the true fortune he has experienced in education is what he has learnt from others and the people who have researched and philosophised about the potential of the human brain and the capacity for learning when communities come together for a common purpose. The exciting aspect to this is the role the teacher can play in shaping learning environments and experiences. Underpinned by a trust and the value teachers have for their students and the students have for their teachers. All elements of educational knowledge and experience must come together to create a synergy that is the art of teaching.

Michael has always strived to bring students and families within schools into this vision. Resulting in trusting and positive relationships. Each chapter of his career has been met with positive reflection on the part he has played and the contribution to his community. He is confident in the role Sandridge will play in the lives of all its community members and loves being part of the educational team.

Daniel Bevan: Sandridge School Year 3 Educator DB

BEd. (Primary), LTU

Daniel is a passionate teacher who has been working in education for the past 10 years. The first chapter of his teaching career was spent working with children with special needs. In 2010, he became an ART and Science Teacher in the rural town of Bendigo. Most recently working at Scotch, he has taught in both primary and secondary settings as well as in the specialist areas of art, science, physical education and library. Working across a variety of schools, in various roles, Daniel has developed a richness of teaching practice and the capacity to establish relationships quickly with students in a whole range of contexts.

More about Daniel

Daniel believes that students should always be taught through their passions, and learn how their passions can, in turn, teach them. He sees teaching as storytelling, and a good story is about finding the right metaphor to pass on important information and concepts in a way that students can easily understand. Daniel believes that all children are born as artists and that art is an essential avenue for realising academic achievement. His main aim in the classroom is to engage students in a learning environment that not only empowers them, but gives them a sense of belonging. Daniel invites his students to have the courage to dream big and work hard.

Daniel believes that providing a real world education, utilising the community, is imperative in creating the bright leaders of the future. This understanding of the importance of real-world context sits alongside his understanding of the power of the creative process. With his work as a filmmaker, Daniel is about to release his first Feature, which he wrote and produced last year. He is an avid reader of children’s books and is in the process of releasing one of his own.

Daniel is overwhelmingly grateful that he was chosen to be one of Sandridge’s founding teachers. He believes the school will be a catalyst for change in an education system that is truly ready for a 21st century update.


Michelle Meracis: Sandridge School Year 4 Educator 

MEd (Computer Education), Uni Melb // BEd. (Primary), Uni Melb// Apple Distinguished Educator

Upon graduating from her Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree in 1995, Michelle pursued her passion and interest in mathematics, digital learning and gifted education through working for The CHIP Foundation, The University of Melbourne and the Department of Education and Training (DET). During this time, she developed and implemented extension mathematics classes for prep to year 6 students, coordinated collaborative projects between metropolitan and rural secondary and tertiary students, and trained educators in the effective integration of learning technologies.

More about Michelle

In July 1997, as she entered her final semester of her Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Education, where she majored in multimedia design and programming, Michelle moved from an office into a classroom, thus fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a primary teacher.

Over nineteen years, Michelle has taught all primary year levels across both government and independent school settings. She has also held a number of leadership positions, including Learning & Teaching/eLearning Leading Teacher, Digital Learning Coach, 1:1 iPad Leader, Mathematics Coordinator and Advanced Learners (Gifted Education) Coordinator. Through these positions, and her time on the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) and Information and Communication Technology in Education Victoria (ICTEV) State Councils, Michelle has been fortunate to connect with representatives from Apple, Cisco, DET, IBM and Microsoft. As a result, Michelle has worked on educational projects with these companies, and presented at state, interstate and international conferences on topics such as integrating 1:1 mobile devices, coding, video game design and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics).

In 2015, Michelle was recognised by Apple for her innovative integration of Apple technology in the classroom. She was selected to join the Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015, and invited to attend the Apple Institute in Singapore. Michelle is now a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator global community where she regularly connects, communicates and collaborates with like-minded peers around the world.

Her exceptional skill in STEM will enable her to make a significant contribution to the learning culture of Sandridge. However, it is in her connections with others that she is a true Sandridgian! Michelle is extremely passionate about being in a classroom. She sees all students as individuals who possess different skills, needs, prior knowledge and life experiences. Due to this, Michelle believes educators need to cater for the whole child by providing a rich, rigorous and supportive learning environment that encourages students to be themselves, and feel comfortable and safe in their attempts and efforts. Michelle displays a commitment to the learner centred approach and Constructivist model of teaching where students play a more responsible and active role in constructing their own knowledge. She also involves students in the inquiry approach to learning where students are guided by their natural curiosities and self-motivation to investigate personal interests, including local and global issues.

Dr Daryl Moran: Sandridge School Year 5 Educator

PhD, MEd and GrdDipEdAdmin, Uni Melb // MEdSt, Monash // BEd, DipT

Passion. Enthusiasm. Optimism. Connection. Challenge. Enjoyment. Each one of these aspects has been a driving force in the way that Daryl has gone about his life as an educator. Establishing genuine relationships between students and teachers based on mutual trust is a cornerstone of his teaching practice. His classrooms are characterized by enthusiasm and laughter, with purposeful, challenging experiences designed to not only meet the needs of students, but to extend them beyond ordinary expectations; in fact for them to become extraordinary. Daryl believes that students need to genuinely engage with and increasingly take responsibility for their own learning, to make positive contributions to the life of their school and most importantly, seek out ways to further develop their ‘social conscience’ by adding to the life of their local community.

More about Daryl

In over thirty-five years in the field of education, Daryl has taught at every year level from Prep. to tertiary and is a former Head of the Junior School at Caulfield Grammar School – Wheelers Hill, Haileybury College Brighton and Eltham College. He has worked in co-ed and both single sex boys’ and girls’ schools. Having trained in the PYP programme of the International Baccalaureate, Daryl taught at Geelong Grammar School and for two years in Year 6 at the Sharad Pawar International School in the city of Pune, India.

For the past few years he has taught at all primary year levels at Scotch College, and was especially involved in working in the Education Support department, helping those who needed extra assistance with literacy and numeracy as well as providing in-class support to classroom teachers. He worked with a range of individual students who needed assistance with social skills and in addition he taught Extension Mathematics to Years 3 – 6. A Life Member of the Australian College of Educators, Daryl holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Melbourne and being a firm adherent of ‘life-long learning’ is currently completing an MA by thesis at Monash University.

His contribution to his local community has been focused on the work of Rotary International and he has been a member for over twenty five years. Daryl is a Past President of the Rotary club of Rowville-Lysterfield, a former Assistant Governor for District 9810 and conducts training and leadership courses for the District’s six Interact Clubs – (Rotary in secondary schools). He has acted as the MC at a number of large Rotary conferences and has also been in demand as a public speaker on a variety of educational and community platforms. In addition Daryl is a Committee member of Military History and Heritage Victoria and has acted as Convenor for key conferences attended by leading Australian writers and academics in the field.

Continuing to always being alert to new learning opportunities, Daryl believes that our number one priority as educators should be to work side by side with our students to help them to grow positive, caring, questing and contributing hearts and minds.


Marcus Garrett: Sandridge School Year 6 Educator 

BEd. (Primary),

Marcus has about 23 years’ experience in education, inclusive of primary and secondary teaching, curriculum consulting, teacher training and education policy roles. He has a Bachelor of Education with a Diploma of Education, and also a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management. Marcus has worked in private enterprise as well as government and independent schools in both NSW and Victoria.

More about Marcus

Marcus firmly believes a successful education taps into our natural curiosity by making links with our own experiences, giving us a sense of wonder and equipping us with the ability to ‘learn how to learn’ in a complex and changing world. It is this quality that allows him to speak truly and deeply to the Sandridge philosophy for teaching and learning.

Marcus started his career as a high school economics and business education teacher in Western Sydney, then worked for a while as an education consultant in both government and private sectors. He taught in secondary and primary classrooms in at an independent school in country NSW and then more recently in metropolitan Melbourne.

Prior to joining Sandridge School, Marcus worked with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, providing professional learning for teachers in mathematics education and producing maths teaching materials. Marcus has a particular interest in maths and science education, because he believes that these disciplines are exciting ways of helping us explore our amazing world. Through science and mathematics we learn that our mistakes can teach us as much as our successes.

However, Marcus also has a passion for the arts. He enjoys creative writing and has dabbled in musical theatre. At previous schools he has organised art shows, coached primary choirs and vocal groups and written, directed and student drama productions.

Brendan Savage: Sandridge School Culture Educator – Head of Operations.BS

BA, Monash // Grad Dip Education, Uni Melb

Throughout his ten years in education, Brendan has experienced teaching in both the government and independent sectors. Recently, he has been involved in developing and implementing the successful and rigorous curriculum for the Brighton Grammar Middle School project which culminated with the opening of the 21st century learning space in 2014. Throughout this time, Brendan also fostered a strong sense of social service and community that included forging strong relationships with special needs schools and the organisation of the annual Sony Foundation camp for disabled and disadvantaged youth.

More about Brendan

Brendan’s notion of community development is extended through his involvement in mentoring team sports and the life skills that come with being actively involved in positive team environments. Over the last 10 years, his contribution has been recognised within local communities for the endless hours he gives to all young sporting enthusiasts who show a passion for their chosen discipline. From 2012 to 2015, Brendan was chosen to lead international tours to the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Turkey. On these trips, sport was often secondary to the broader world experience.

Brendan will coordinate all of the sporting activities for our students, including camps and excursions. Beyond this, Brendan will play a key role in guiding the social learning experience of our students, in his role as shaper of recreational time at Sandridge School.

Majoring in History and English at university, Brendan has a deep understanding of the Humanities which he combines with a passion for the social, emotional and physical health encompassed in sport, resulting in Brendan being a rounded educator. When it comes to education, Brendan’s views and values are based on his strong belief in nurturing inquisitive, community centred and mindful individuals. He believes in extending the classroom into the community (and the community into the classroom) to provide authentic learning opportunities and encourage students to be socially aware, responsible young citizens. His strongly held belief that all students are capable of extraordinary learning feeds to the heart of what Sandridge School was created to be and why Brendan is integral to our journey.

Catherine Newton: Sandridge School Futurist EducatorCN

BAnimScMgt (Hons) and Masters (Teaching), Uni Melb//Top 100 Twitter Educators

Catherine has a background in secondary school teaching, small business management, school leadership and research. In her roles as a Science Teacher, Director of Learning Technologies and Education Futurist, Catherine has worked to develop the authentic integration of technology in K-12 education, as well as leverage staff leadership as a force for school innovation and building of connected learning communities.

Drawing on her strong background in science, education and technology, Catherine is an innovator in the digital teaching and learning space.

More about Catherine

Recently she has managed the deployment of multiple Learning Management Systems and cloud-based office platforms. As the K-12 Education Futurist at Sandridge School, Catherine has established a new ICT environment from the ground up.

In her role as a futurist educator at Sandridge, Catherine works to address the opportunities and challenges of local and global trends in the context of K-12 education. She believes that the progress and success of humanity is dependent on the ongoing transformation of schooling. Consequently, Catherine’s educational philosophy is centered on innovation and community engagement, around a core principle that education must work for all children. Most recently working at Korowa, Catherine is a regular conference speaker and administer of teacher and leadership workshops.

In recognition of her outstanding work in education, in 2015 Catherine was named in the top 100 K-12 Education Technology Leaders on Twitter.

Nikolett Szittya : Sandridge School German Educatorszittya

Bavarian State Examination of Teaching, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and Technische Universität Munich

Nikolett grew up in a small German town and did her studies in Munich – the capital of Bavaria. A German native speaker, she will bring the German language and culture closer to the students in an interactive and communicative way.

As part of her university course, Nikolett spent a year at Ballarat and Clarendon College as a German Language assistant. This experience developed a great liking for Australia, its values and its culture and confirmed Nikolett’s strong belief in the benefits of international exchange in academic work and in other fields.

More about Nikolett

Nikolett believes strongly that in order to learn a foreign language well, one has to be exposed to authentic material as much as possible. Her focus is on creating real life situations and enabling students to use the language authentically in the classroom.

For Nikolett, the classroom is not the teacher’s stage but the students’ space, in which every student should feel comfortable. Nikolett creates classroom situations which enable all students to participate confidently and present their opinions without fear.

Having been introduced to English as a native speaker of another language, Nikolett has a deep understanding of the difficulties confronting a student seeking to learn and use a foreign language. Her experience has shown her that communication is the key to mastering a language and Nikolett pays great attention to including communicative approaches in her lessons.

Working at academic German schools, Nikolett enjoyed valued the open learning opportunities that enabled students to structure the order/pace of their work towards their interest/ability, rather than merely adhering to the set pages in the textbook. When given the open learning opportunities, the students worked more successfully. The best kind of learning happens when the teacher guides them as a mentor rather than lecturing to them.

Aware of different styles and forms of learning, Nikolett enjoys the innovative approach of Sandridge School, which allows a more individual and responsive opportunity for learning. Learning to feel comfortable with a foreign language is much more than working with a textbook. As a German person, Nikolett brings not only grammatical and linguistic knowledge, but also cultural knowledge about Germany, greatly enhancing the learning experience of students at Sandridge.