The Reason For Being

Inspired by teaching and learning and wanting to take education to the next level, Dr Jeanne Shaw and Sophie Fenton decided to create a lab school that fosters citizenship, immerses kids into the community and empowers them to be architects of the world they live in.

In taking education to the next level, Sandridge School aims to shift away from conventional teaching ‘to learn’, but teaching ‘to be’.  To deliver this shift, they must start from the beginning – start with a new approach, and start with a new school.

  • A school for the future. Urban, modern, liberated from conformity, actively engaged with society, utilising local world-class facilities.
  • A school without rows of desks and chairs, made up of studios and spaces that enhance the learning opportunities, without gates.
  • A school working with the community, collaborating with not-for-profit organisations, industry groups and utilising local facilities to learn the value of community.
  • A school that will be a force for innovative possibilities.